Money is our Savior.

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[집 뒷마당에서 놀고 있는 Turkeys- Wild Turkeys (야생 칠면조), 10/19/2023.
아직 해가 떠오르지 않은 이른 아침이라… 화면이 흐릿합니다.]




Money is our Savior.

Yes! The money is an actual our Savior!

Faith? Hope? Salvation? Resurrection?
And what else?

But the greatest of these… that is money!

~Sang Bong Lee, Ph.D.,
Dr. Lee’s Closing Arguments,
Dr. Lee’s Lessons: Discovering Your Nature,
An ineffable but certain (설명하기가 힘들지만 확실한 것)
All rights reserved and copyrighted.

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